Friday, October 02, 2009

Regional Kendo Shiai at Shodokan Cheltenham

The next regional Kendo Shiai will be held at Shodokan Dojo in Cheltenham on Wed 21 Oct 1930 - 2200hrs. Any club member who is interested in making the trip contact Frank. If enough of us show interest we may hire a minibus for trip. At the last one in Glos we did rather well, winning all our fights. This time it would be nice to give our less experienced kendoka the chance to fight for Akai Ryuu and it is a good warm up for Mumeshi. So, think about it over weekend and we will have a count on Tues night. Great fun and there is usually a drink afterwards at one of Cheltenham's finest inn's.
The gentleman in the picture was the owner and craftsman of the bogu shop near Honda sensei' university site.



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