Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mumeshi 3's Teams

We are provisionally going to put up two teams to go to Mummeshi 3 tournament this year. Shaun is not sure he will be around and neither is Mark. I will put myself available if we cannot fill the two teams. We want to give our members the chance to experience competition and Mummeshi is one of the best places to fight a lot of other players, the good, the very good, the quite ordinary and people just like ourselves who don't enter competitions from one year to the next.
I know that Andre, Nick, and James are up for it but we need a few more plus backups should someone have to pull out at last minute, and of course the proverbial problem, the Ikkyu on each team. So, we will raise this issue at each class and Mark will see if any of his club, who are still Akai Ryuu members are interested in being on our teams. Put the word out to any of our guys who cannot make class because of work committments but who might be able to get a Sat off for the competition. Talk about it on Tues.


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