Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kendo Demonstration at University of Wales Hospital

See below the message to Mark ref the group/sports event on Sat 17th Oct. Mark it in your diaries. We get an extra hour practice for free, and then a fun hour doing a demo. The demo's are always a good laugh, Andre and I can pretend to kill each other with a hack and slash session and the rest of you could do proper demo's of various oji Waza and basic strokes. Talk about it with you all when we get the chance.
The trophy cabinet is one small part of the display at Sumi/Honda's dojo at Fukuoka University. His student's are seriously good and wonderful human beings...when they are not in armour and showing you the error of your kendo ways!!!

Hello Mark,
The Sports and Social Club are having an open day on
Saturday 17th October, and I thought that you may be
interested in extending your class that day to any
people that may want information in general about Kendo?
I was thinking say, 11am-midday. A demo maybe!

I am trying to get a few different groups and activities on the 17th.

Please let me know and a time can be arranged

Kind Regards Kathy Chinnock. CMC Sports and Social Club. U.H.W.


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