Saturday, October 11, 2008

Club visit to Snowhill Manor - Great collection of Japanese Armour

We are arranging an outing to Snowhill Manor, Sunday 26th Oct. The idea is to hire a minibus, have a big breakfast, leaving Cardiff at 1000-1030hrs, arriving at Snowhill as it opens at 1200hrs. Then into the restaurant (or pub around corner). Shaun reckons the club should pay for everything (entrance fee £7) except the meals. We need to have an idea of numbers committed to going. We will also make an announcement on Tues but think about it before then. From what I have heard this is a great place for Japanese armour, might even see if they will give me a job restoring some of it.....I wish.


Ps. If anyone knows of a mini bus hire company around Cardiff let Mark know. Thanks


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