Saturday, October 04, 2008

Akai Ryuu outing to Rugby match with Matsumoto sensei

Matsumoto sensei has got back to Rhys about seeing a rugby game and would like to see the Wales vs. Canada match at the Millennium on Friday 14th November. Kick-off is at 1930hrs so we would all need to meet at the gate about 1830hrs for all the pre game atmosphere. Yours truly will already be firmly esconced in a nearby pub by then.
Tickets should be about £25-30, and Rhys will try to get us good seats at around this price. This is a good chance for a night out with the club members so try to make it if you can. Should be a great night out. Certainly time for a few drinks afterwards. I shall be using the rail, bit unfortunate I don't qualify for a rail pass just yet!!
Rhys is paying for the tickets on credit card, so once you commit to go you owe rhys the money whether you have to call off or not. Rhys needs to buy the tickets ASAP to enable us to get a row of seats together so please contact him soon.
I will ask Shaun to mention it at Tues practice.



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