Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Important info for club members

Hi everyone
Back from hols in Aberdeen. Pretty poor weather so glad to be home. Shaun has asked me to put some info on blog so here goes.
There is an event at Paul Budden's Kodokan club which we would like to support with as many members as possible. Holt, Budden, O'Donnell, Kincaid, Chapman, Parker-Dodd, Matsuda, Mclaughlin, Plimbley sensei will all be there. Put Sat 6th Sept 1100-1600hrs in your diary, should be a good practice with high grades. Maybe this time I will get one decent hit on O'Donnell sensei!!!
Also we will have our usual end of summer term practice at the hospital, ie 1 hour hard practice, followed by quick shower and grub at 2130hrs, and of course partners invited. I have been eating rubbish food and quaffing vast quantities of alcohol this last two weeks so am feeling slightly fragile.....so take pity on the old man, eh



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