Monday, April 12, 2010

Regional Taikai at Bristol 20 April

Thought I had posted this at last week. Neil Donnelly, who runs Bristol club now, has offered to host the next regional Taikai (club competition). I shall not be taking part as he wants me to be one of the judges. So, as many as we can get to go across to make up at least a couple of teams. It's a very friendly affair with the guys and girls from Gloucester and Cheltenham also putting up teams. Good chance to practice for competition or grading. There will be a gi-keiko after the competition so that us wrinklies can get up a bit of a sweat! Then the plan is to go round to a nearby pub and sink a few pints. I shall probably be going from Usk but I can meet you all at the Coldra roundabout to econimise on cars on way across. We will speak about it on Tues, but as I hope most of the senior students will go, we will probably have to cancel Tues 20th at WIS (incl beginners if James wishes to the Pope a .... better not go there). Let me know numbers on Tues and settle travel arrangements either Tues or Sat.



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