Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dates for Akai Ryuu extended Sat Practice

These are the dates for our extended practice on 1st Saturday of each month. Venue is unchanged, the Heath leisure centre, from 0900 - 1100hrs.
1st May
5th June
3rd July
7th August
4th September
2nd October
6th November
4th December
I thought the first session yesterday was a great success and very well attended. It was great to have Dave, Yoshida and James there to keep us on the right track with regard to referee rules. Hopefully, Dave will get some of his guys to come to next practice on 1st May. Those of you who attend other clubs, please encourage their members to come along to our referee mornings! Any suggestions for improving the referee hour would be gratefully accepted(:-> Lastly, a warm thanks to all our visitors and an open invitation to come back any time.




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