Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charity event, trip to France etc etc

All kendoka, 
Please read following notes and get back to me.  
  1.  We need all the names of those going to France, names and emails to me at orchies03@hotmail.com
  2. We need as many members as possible to register for the charity event ASAP, please support your club and this event.
  3. We need to know, by return email, who has club armour.  Reply to Frank at above email address
  4. I must advise members to be fully paid-up BKA members and to furnish Mark or Myself with Proof ASAP.  By having no insurance against injury to yourselves and to other club members you are jeopardising your club membership and indeed the club's membership of the BKA.  We have just had a list from BKA showing fully paid up members and those who have not paid.  This is unfair to your team mates and in fact excludes you from practicing at our club or any other BKA dojo and from BKA events.  Also, the BKA stops your grading clock for as long as you do not pay.
  5. The following link, www.changedetection.com, allows all members to automatically receive email notification whenever I put anything new on the blog.  It is a great idea for all members so please make use of the link.
Thanks for your attention, see you tonight



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