Friday, January 30, 2009

France trip

Shaun has asked me to find out how many are up for the trip to France.  It will be scheduled for just before the end of March and will be for 5-7 days, taking in practices at maybe 4-5 dojos (plus a bit of sightseeing).  Shaun thinks the cost of flights, accomodation and vehicle hire to be under £250 each with members arranging their own way to the plane at this end (Cardiff, Bristol or Birmingham???) .  Please let Shaun know if you are interested in going.



At 10:24 am, Blogger 40kaddict said...

Hope you don't mind but as one of the few BKA clubs that has an RSS feed I signed up to yours so I could hear about kendo news nationwide.

If you were interested Liverpool's feed it's here

Anyway you may very well know where you are going in France but I just thought I'd mention the Kendo Clubs of France Google Map. It may help find some of the clubs you wanted to go to. I hope it does help, here's the link:,2.504883&spn=15.274975,31.772461&t=h&z=5


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