Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last visit by Miyagawa sensei 6th Dan - Akai Ryuu Seminar


Miyagawa sensei is returning to Japan shortly, but has agreed to lead an Akai-Ryuu seminar before he leaves.

The Heath is booked hrs 0900 - 1400 Sat 22nd sept. Miyagawa sensei's own schedule is as follows:-

09.00 Rei
09.05 warm up
09.10 Kendo talk
09.30 Kihon keiko
09.50 Kendo kata
11.00 Keiko individually advices
12.00 Lunch time
12.40 Gigeiko
14.00 Rei finish

Everyone in armour should make every effort to attend this Akai Ryuu seminar.


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