Monday, June 25, 2007

Practice dates for rest of year

Last practice at Bishop of Llandaff High is 17th July. Then we will transfer to Heath for our Tues night practices, ie from 24th July until 28th August.
Sat practice at the Heath will remain unaffected.
We will then start back at Bishop of Llandaff High on the 4th Sept - 23rd Oct. No practice Tues 30 Oct, though some of us may go to Bristol.
The next term to take us to Christmas will be from Tues 6 Nov - 18 Dec. No practice on 25 Dec or 1st Jan.....for obvious reasons!!
The only beginners class for the rest of this year will start 4th Sept. We intend to reduce the number of beginners classes during the next year.
Please continue to practice with us on Tuesdays at the Heath. The standard of Kendo at the club has been improving steadily so let us keep up the progress by supporting the summer term club at the Heath.



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