Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sale of Doudai

Below see photo of a tired  Do I bought off the Internet.  I only wanted the Mune.  However, when I took it apart and started removing the scared and worn paintwork I found a beautiful bamboo Do.  It has been lovingly restored with an outer skin of embossed leather, ostrich leg with which you are all familiar.  The paint on the inside bamboo has been removed and covered with a clear matt varnish.  The leather used to attach Mune and edge strip is superior 5mm black leather thong, this is not the cheap thin leather strapping supplied with most Do's.  The price for club members is just to cover costs of materials.  Do loops are fitted but Do Himo is not supplied.
Width at back 34 cms

Price for club members £150
Price for non club members £200