Sunday, August 27, 2006

Secretary's notes

Just a few notes for Sept. I am still awaiting BT to pull their finger out and bring Broadband to my village. Until then I only access web and email via my main email (Hotmail) at weekend. This decision was taken after phone bill last month of 77quid. If you need to email me during week use a new email address which I can recieve via my mobile...."". This will get to me immed and you will get a quick response.

We need some of those in armour to sign up and guarantee attendance at the exhibition we are doing for the Int Institute of Linquistics at Cardiff Uni on 29 Sept. Currently I have Matt, Mark, self and two or three possibles, Andy, Will, Becky, and Martin? Please contact me if you can make it for a couple of hours on Fri 29 sept. My new mobile number is 0780 9220607 and I am getting used to taking it with me ..... and switching it on.....and using predictive text!!!!! I kid you not.

We are planning a trip to Bristol club on Tues 30 Aug, meeting at the Calder roundabout, 1830hrs. Anyone in armour welcome, great chance to fight someone different. They range from kyu grades to 3 Dan, but mostly kyu grades.

I shall be away to Aberdeenshire from next Wed, so will miss the next couple of weekends and the first tues at Llandaff. Matt is taking Beginners class. I shall also be away to N.Ireland the week of 13-20 Sept so will miss that weekend and that Tues.



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